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The EHV bladder accumulator offers a reliable and efficient solution for storing energy under pressure. Utilizing comprehensive tools and resources including an applications database, CAD/CAM, finite element analysis, reliability studies and simulation we have optimized the design and performance of the accumulator. Parker Olaer bladder accumulators are suitable for use in more than 35 countries (all hydraulic accumulators for Europe are CE marked) and they can meet an extensive range of international and industry approvals.

The EHV Series bladder accumulator comes with an O-ring seal fluid port and 7/8″ UNF gas connection as standard however other options are available.

Rigorous product testing and continuous product development help to ensure our hydraulic accumulators operate at optimum efficiency and can perform in the most demanding environments. Parker accumulator accessories such as Safety Blocks, Burst Discs and Permanent Charging Sets, can aid the safe installation and operation of the accumulators in any hydraulic system.

In addition to our standard and low temperature elastomer options Parker has developed the new Xtra Lifetime (XL) rubber mix which offers a permeation rate 50% lower that the standard mix and an operational lifetime twice as long as any other bladder available on the market for the same application. The XL bladder mix features high mechanical resistance and offers greater reliability therefore making it ideal for high performance applications. The XL bladder’s unique design can increase your systems operational uptime and reduce unscheduled maintenance saving you time and money.

Parker Olaer have developed very sophisticated simulation software to optimize sizing recommendations for hydraulic accumulators. You can download the accumulator sizing software from the Product Support tab.

• Industrial
• Defense
• Renewable Energy
• Marine
• Mining
• Mobile
• Oil and Gas
• Processing
• Rail

• Extensive range of international and industry approvals (PED 2014/68/EU, EN 14359, ATEX, ASME VIII div 1, SELO, CRN, AS1210, NR13, CUTR, DNV, BV Marine, ABS and GL)
• Rigorous product testing and continuous product development
• Large selection of materials and fittings to suit every hydraulic system.
• Parker Olaer offers a wealth of product knowledge and experience thus enabling us to provide first class technical support and customer service.

• Hydraulic Power Units
• Ship Cranes
• Wind Turbines
• Plastic Presses
• Tooling Machines
• Construction/Mobile Vehicles
• Machine Tools

Hydraulic accumulators are an essential component for the optimum operation of a hydraulic circuit. The accumulator enables:

• Energy Storage: Saves energy without loss and redistributes when required therefore reducing installed power.

• Pressure Compensation: Absorbs pressure spikes from pumps or other components to control pressure and flow rates in the hydraulic circuit.

• Volume Control: Absorbs fluid volume variations induced by temperature changes in a closed hydraulic circuit and maintains a rated pressure.

• Emergency Energy Storage: In case of failure of the main energy source, these accumulators can provide sufficient energy to complete an operation or to realize a full hydraulic cycle.

• Hydraulic Spring/Shock Absorber: A bladder accumulator can act as a gas spring suppressing shocks and vibrations in hydraulic systems of lifting vehicles (e.g. Forklift trucks) and maintains real suspension of the load on a gas spring.

We have included a small selection of part numbers, please download the EHV bladder accumulator brochure for more information or contact us.

Previously branded as Olaer.

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  • Manufacturer: Parker Hannifin
  • Part Number: 10845401125
  • Fluid Port Connection (inch): G1-1/4″ (max flow rate 450 L/min)
  • Certificates: PED 2014/68/EU
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 450 L/min
  • Norminal Volume (l): 4
  • Gas Volume: 3.7 L
  • Gas Valve Type (inch): 7/8″ 14 UNF integrated (model C)
  • Product Type: EHV 4-350/90-A25DC-200
  • Diameter: 170 mm
  • Height: 434 mm
  • Body Material: Carbon Steel Shell and fluidport
  • For Fluid Type: Group 2
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20degC to +80degC
  • Accessories Included: Repair Kits, Clamps, Brackets, Lifting Eyes and Mounting Frames
  • Picture for illustration purposes only
  • Download Datasheet EHV Series 350 bar


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