5827033008 | Air Oil Cooler with DC Motor

The Parker LDC air oil cooler series offers a reliable and efficient cooling solution with the additional benefits of short lead times. This series can be fitted with a Smart DC Drive which provides a smooth fan start, reduced power consumption & noise level and eliminates voltage peaks, all of which contribute towards a longer service life for the fan motor.

The maximum cooling capacity is 30 kW at ETD 40°C Size 033.

• Mobile

• Quiet fan and fan motor.
• Efficient and robust design which extends operating lifetime and reduces service and maintenance costs
• Cooler matrix with low pressure drop and high cooling capacity.
• Easy to maintain and easy to retrofit in many applications.

The correct working temperature produces a number of economic and environmental benefits:
• The hydraulic system’s useful life is extended.
• The oil’s useful life is extended.
• The hydraulic system’s availability increases – more operating time and fewer shutdowns.
• Service and repair costs are reduced
• High efficiency level maintained in continuous operation – the system’s efficiency falls if the temperature exceeds the ideal working temperature.

• Truck cranes
• Body builders
• Mining machinery
• Forestry machines

We have included a small selection of part numbers, for additional cooler options please download the LDC air oil cooler brochure or our cooler product selector software to view 3D Models, product literature and sizing software. You can also download our Cooler Sizing Software to select a cooler (in the Product Support tab).

Previously branded as Oiltech and Olaer.

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  • Manufacturer: Parker Olaer
  • Part Number: 5827033008
  • Description: Air Oil Cooler with DC Motor- LDC Series (AP)
  • Model: LDC-033-B-0-00-000-0-0
  • Size: 33
  • Fluid Type: Mineral oil/ water glycol
  • Flow Rate: 300 L/min
  • Port Size: G 1-1/4″
  • Motor Type: B- 24V
  • Motor Power Output Rating: 2 * 0.26KW
  • Maximum Cooling Capacity: 0.72 kW/ degC
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 14 bar
  • Maximum Fluid Temperature: 120 degC
  • Noise Level: 77 dBA
  • Dimension, Height: 678 mm
  • Dimension, Width: 635 mm
  • Dimension, Depth: 258 mm
  • Weight: 30 kg
  • Picture for illustration purposes only


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